“I feel the same way about clothes as I do about food-I want everything”

When I first read this quote by Mindy Kaling, I laughed at the underlying humor, but soon it led me to retrospect about so many other kinds of stuff. I immediately wondered at the era that has emerged today and how well we all are evolving with it.

Take shopping for instance and look how it has got the promotions from being a mere purchase for necessity activity to straight securing a place at the hobbies column in our resumes. In fact, I believe, shopping is perhaps the only lucky indulgence that enjoys having zero haters, million lovers with no bias in genders along with numerous fanatics labeled as the shopaholics.

Even our way of ordering food has evolved from days when we just had to eat whatever the hotels had to offer and then we started getting menu cards with varieties listed to pick from and finally the other day when I heard a 10-year-old in a subway dictating “I want a foot long Italian herb and cheese; Teriyaki chicken with white American cheese, toasted and I would have tomatoes, black olives, parmesan, and oregano, with ranch and light mayonnaise sauce”. With options brimming everywhere, it became indispensable for us to become highly choosy as to how we are now, not just with food but also with clothes on the same lineage.

I always believed in the notion that fashion is not at all about what everyone else is wearing; fashion is that which we can wear in comfort and also look graceful. And generally, when we get to choose what we are going to wear, we may not exactly think about the benefit of those who created them or even think about giving any credits to the makers. But then, the unsaid fact is that we will continue to keep needing them for making us live in an attire day in and day out.

And then a day arrived when we finally founded a platform that can display the unduplicated works of Indian handloom weavers and people from all sects can afford to buy them. One might ask, -‘Why Handlooms?’

Sometimes, all simple questions may not result in simple answers. Our answer for this would be - In India, the more we let our indigenous art and culture dilapidate, the more we are forfeiting our identity at the behest of transforming ourselves into something else which we will never be. Well, it is for definite that Indian art does not need any resurrection or a savior because its glory is timeless and unfading. But through GoRootz, we only wish to urge our people to appreciate this art and take pride in wearing our traditional attires.

The day we started GoRootz, our online shopping website that helps one rediscover our exquisite Indian heritage in the original handloom and Khadi collections brought straight from the weaver’s loon, we had so many reasons to back our objective, but in the end, we just wanted it to be told in simple terms….

“The shoppers are the ultimate bosses; we can never lure them into buying something. So we have just laid out so many options for them to choose from and we know that once they get the taste, it will surely mark the beginning of their love affair with our Indian handlooms.”